Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Read: Mark 1.21-28

Contemplative prayer must be based on the solid foundation of Jesus reigning in our hearts and teaching as "one with authority."  In our approach to the Kingdom there can be no ambiguity about the absoluteness of the Lord's authority.  I may not be always able to understand and live out the absolute of that authority, given my weaknesses.  But at least my prayer must not be focused on me as if I were the main point of existence.  On the contrary, prayer is adoration and submission to Jesus the Lord who reigns over me.  I must be open to the grace of experiencing the Lordship of Christ in his power to enlighten me with absolute truth.  The demons of our thoughts will cry out:  "What have you to do with us?"  But we surrender our thoughts; we dash them against the Rock that is Christ Jesus.  We accept the Magisterium of the Church as a means of living in the ambience of the One Who teaches with absolute authority.  If the Lord teaches with authority, his Church will teach with authority.  My sincere, simple intention is to be among those who listen to and obey Christ in His Body, the Church.

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