Monday, November 19, 2012


Monks answer the call of Christ to the point of anticipating, even now, the future glory and transfiguration that will be ours. Monks renounce human love, in its fecundity and joy, in order to be, now on earth, a sign of the Absolute of God who shares with those who love him the Absolute of Life. In this apparent death in one of the dimensions of human existence, they become signs given by God of the Resurrection of the dead. They accept this apparent death of their human capacity and strength in order that the fecundity and vitality of the Love that comes from God may shine forth. In this era, when all is relative, monks are witnesses of the Absolute. At this time in history, monks are witnesses of the completion of history. In this age that begets death, monks are witnesses of the Resurrection.

  Cardinal Lustiger

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