Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fr. Dwight Longenecker writes:

Sterile self love is pointless and ultimately destructive. Remember the myth of Narcissus the beautiful youth who gazed on his own reflection and fell in love with himself. When he finally realized he could not consummate his love with such a beautiful person as himself he committed suicide.
This is where neo Narcissism ends up: if not in literal suicide, then in the self-slaughter of the true self. The true self only blossoms as it learns to give itself in self-sacrificial love. When we indulge in selfie sex and narcissism we slowly but surely kill the true self and end up drowning in our own self love.
Only within the sacrament of marriage or within a true religious vocation can we find the path to self sacrificial love rather than self-indulgent love. The path is narrow and the mountain steep, but it is the one way we have to find real fulfillment and an abundant life.

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