Friday, May 16, 2014

Letter to a few friends.

I sincerely believe that since Vatican II, together with the momentous societal changes since that time, our understanding of who we are and our relationship with God has changed a great deal. Saint John-Paul 'the great', Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis have all called for a new Evangelization. Much of what they have written and said, especially Pope Francis, like:  “theological life nourished by the working of the Holy Spirit who has been poured into our hearts.” points to, in an articulate way, that the change begins with us. 
Like Children who do not necessarily live the spoken values from their family life, but always live the Experienced values (experienced in solitude) they lived with, we need that openness to reExperience the values of our relationship with God. Our change will, without our forcing it, be a source of change for others. The lived values that effects and stays with children mentioned above will effect ourselves and others, deepening ours and their relationship with God.
"Solitude is the reply to a call from to encounter him alone.It would seem that to let oneself be driven by such an aspiration would be to transcend every human being. Yet, the day one finds oneself truly in the presence of God, one suddenly discovers that it is impossible to enter into contact with him without becoming like the one who, by essence is a God-who-is-given.
Within himself, God is the mutual gift offering of a Person to Person. How could we hope to become like him in any way, if we are not equally open with all our being  to an unlimited reciprocal gift?
The other is necessarily present between God and myself, because of present in God and present in me. My encounter with God and his with me are conditioned by my attitude towards the other, by everyone who enters into my existence as a solitary. In this respect, two attitudes are fundamentally possible: either evasion, refusal, denial, forgetting and ignoring, or else, on the other hand, full acceptance, a conscious effort to take him or her into account, to allow the other to penetrate into our very depths through love, to love unconditionally. (THE WOUND OF LOVE)
This understanding of a small community will not give us all we need in life and in fact bring new and unsought hardships. It also opens us up to God's grace and unexpected vistas which reflect Beauty, Goodness and Love. His is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
With every blessing for all of you;

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